I’m on WGBH’s “Boston Public Radio,” Most Thursdays …

Updated weekly, pretty much ... Going chrono w these now, adding at the bottom.

We added a summer book club …. it’s been a lot of fun

“I don’t want to hear from callers” = great line. Questionable Judgement seems to be the unifying theme here. I’ll order these links from most recent, well, you can figure this out.

Here I am on the air with Jim Braude, Margery Eagan and Boston Herald columnist Peter Gelzenis, who tells a lovely story about me ... alas at the very end of the show. I also speak Russian, dazzling the non-Russian speakers. Listen on the WGBH website.

Each one of these has odd indiscretions, if you listen … here I say  something I probably shouldn’t about Trinity Church rector Sal Lloyd, tho you have to wait ’til the end. Also “reveal” that I’ve quit drinking … #wonderhowlongthatwilllast.

Update … still not drinking, and, even more ridiculously, gone gluten-free because Mat Gleason told me to … this was a fun ‘GBH session.

Still more “opinions” on subjects I know little about.

Trashing Errol Morris … too avidly, alas.

They Are Shooting  at Our Regiment 

Hell, and Obituary Baseball

 Dr. John Mack & other subjects

The Very Talented Christopher Beam

As long as Google and, by extension, the world, have yet to find this site, I’ll indulge my (obvious) admiration for my son Christoper’s excellent journalism. Here is his first piece for The New Republic from China. Well, not really his first piece for them … and not really his first piece from China. He’s an energetic, inquisitive man, and a superb writer. Wait! There’s More. And more. Still more! Yikes, I wish he would write a little more slowly, I can’t keep up!

And now he has outdone himself! And everyone else! Game, set, match.

Ooops app. the match isn’t over. This is a short fascinating article that galvanized me to finally write my a column on luck management, a subject I’d been interested in for a long time.

Panda Express … the capitalist road to success! 

Utterly fascinating, long article about Chinese health care.

This excellent quick article about Beijing’s endemic air pollution.

Chris spent at least a year on this superb article about the comedy business in China.



My Friend Matthew Hart Has a Book Coming Out …

He’s a sweet writer … Here is a “selling  review” in the BosGlobe.  This book, edited by the redoubtable George Gibson, is one of my all-time favorites. Matthew’s good on art heists, too.  When you choose to write about gold, it’s all in the timing. On verra … Matthew knew “Tiff” Findley, really one of the great 20th century novelists, in my opinion.