The Very Talented Christopher Beam

As long as Google and, by extension, the world, have yet to find this site, I’ll indulge my (obvious) admiration for my son Christoper’s excellent journalism. Here is his first piece for The New Republic from China. Well, not really his first piece for them … and not really his first piece from China. He’s an energetic, inquisitive man, and a superb writer. Wait! There’s More. And more. Still more! Yikes, I wish he would write a little more slowly, I can’t keep up!

And now he has outdone himself! And everyone else! Game, set, match.

Ooops app. the match isn’t over. This is a short fascinating article that galvanized me to finally write my a column on luck management, a subject I’d been interested in for a long time.

Panda Express … the capitalist road to success! 

Utterly fascinating, long article about Chinese health care.

This excellent quick article about Beijing’s endemic air pollution.

Chris spent at least a year on this superb article about the comedy business in China.