I’m on WGBH’s “Boston Public Radio,” Most Thursdays …

Updated weekly, pretty much ... Going chrono w these now, adding at the bottom.

We added a summer book club …. it’s been a lot of fun

“I don’t want to hear from callers” = great line. Questionable Judgement seems to be the unifying theme here. I’ll order these links from most recent, well, you can figure this out.

Here I am on the air with Jim Braude, Margery Eagan and Boston Herald columnist Peter Gelzenis, who tells a lovely story about me ... alas at the very end of the show. I also speak Russian, dazzling the non-Russian speakers. Listen on the WGBH website.

Each one of these has odd indiscretions, if you listen … here I say  something I probably shouldn’t about Trinity Church rector Sal Lloyd, tho you have to wait ’til the end. Also “reveal” that I’ve quit drinking … #wonderhowlongthatwilllast.

Update … still not drinking, and, even more ridiculously, gone gluten-free because Mat Gleason told me to … this was a fun ‘GBH session.

Still more “opinions” on subjects I know little about.

Trashing Errol Morris … too avidly, alas.

They Are Shooting  at Our Regiment 

Hell, and Obituary Baseball

 Dr. John Mack & other subjects